In an effort to save money and paper, DSL is moving towards email updates and notices. To sign up for email alerts, choose from the lists below and sign up online. We ask for phone numbers only to follow up on errors, not to contact you.

If you don't have email and want to receive DSL information by surface mail, go [here].

Choose one or more lists:

Auction Notices - email alerts of estate auctions and unclaimed property auctions

DSL E-Newsletter - electronic updates on DSL program activities.

Land Board - news releases for the meetings which take place every two months.

Navigability - notices about navigability studies and related issues.

Ocean Renewable Energy - notices of rulemaking and other information relating to developing wave energy in the Territorial Sea within DSL's jurisdiction.

Oregon Ocean Science Trust - For group communication

Rulemaking - notices of proposed changes to administrative rules.

State Land Sales - notices of land sales or exchanges of DSL-owned lands.

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Oregon Department of State Lands